Unforeseen circumstances like illness or even death can be financially devastating if not properly covered by insurance, however it is suggested that almost £245 billion worth of mortgages are unprotected, leaving no support for loved ones if something arises.shutterstock_100804174

Protecting yourself and your family need not be expensive and here at NM Finance we offer competitive products from a panel of insurers to get you the best deal for your requirements if you do have to claim.

We offer insurance to protect your home in a wide range of eventualities including;

Life Insurance – Protecting your mortgage in the event of premature death gives you the peace of mind that no matter what happens to you; your family has a financial safety net.

Cover pays a lump sum which can either reduce in line with your mortgage balance or, for added peace of mind, can pay a lump sum equivalent to the mortgage balance at outset.

Critical Illness CoverOne third of adults would be in financial trouble within two months of not working due to chronic or long term disease, unless they were protected by critical illness insurance.  With 15 million people in England off work due to long term illness, covering yourself against loss of earnings can free you from financial burdens at a time when you need help the most.

Should you develop certain illnesses or conditions, you receive a tax free lump sum which can be used to pay off a mortgage or replace lost income in the event of being unable to work or to pay for private medical care.

Income ProtectionOne of the most common reasons for individuals finding themselves in debt is a sudden change in circumstances caused by an unexpected illness or injury.

How would you pay the bills if you were sick or injured?  Who would look after your family and home if you couldn’t? Would you have financial cover to meet your day to day expenses if you were suddenly unable to work?

Income protection covers you if the unexpected happens; giving you the security you need to be able to take time out to heal, without the stress of worrying about your finances.

Income Protection provides;

  • A reliable source of income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury
  • Continued benefit when you return to work in a reduced capacity with a reduced salary

It is affordable and easy to arrange, and payments are currently free under existing tax laws, making it an ideal time to cover yourself and give your family peace of mind.

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